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The Oaf and the Orc

Participate in the Daggerheart Open Playtest at Geek Retreat

  • Ended
  • Geek Retreat Cardiff

Join the Adventure!

In the market town of Thattering Pitch, the count and countess Smolderbad's patronage of the adventuring arts has elevated four keen young talents from the town's peasant class to a chance at fame, glory, and wealth. The Smolderbads Endowment will provide you with expert tutorage, weapons fit for a knight and the chance to seek your fortune on behalf of your home town. The catch? Viscount Orrin, the spoilt scion of the Smolderbad family is also enrolled, and his bullheaded, entitled attitude could just get you all killed. Come and join Exceptional Beasts in this short, lighthearted campaign, and help playtest the new ruleset for Daggerheart, the fantasy RPG from Darrington Press; the makers of Critical Role. Character creation and all materials will be provided, and each game includes a drink or snack from Geek Retreat Cardiff.

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