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  • Perfect for Parties Age 9+

    2 hr 30 min
    57.50 British pounds
  • Take up a character and join the adventure. Milkshake Included.

    Sat3 hr
    7.50 British pounds
  • .Get your start as a young adventurer.

    Sun2 hr
    11.50 British pounds
  • Become a famed young adventurer at Geek Retreat

    Starts Nov 5
    77 British pounds

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  • For adventurous individuals.

    Started Sep 15
    59 British pounds

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  • Run your own Post Office into the ground in this RPG Campaign

    Started Aug 23
    53.50 British pounds

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  • Join the epic social deduction game at Little Man Coffee Co

    10 British pounds

I can't think of a single better RPG experience than one hosted by Exceptional Beasts. It doesn't matter if you're a brand new player or seasoned RPG enthusiast, EB always brings something fun and exciting to the table while still keeping the players grounded and comfortable.

Sethyl - Human Cleric




Pathfinder 2e, Dungeons & Dragons 5e, Microscope, 100 Years

Trained in screenwriting and with a background in improvisational comedy, Daniel has been running roleplaying games for 10 years. 

He enjoys detail-oriented campaigns, high drama and asking "Who are the real monsters here?"

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