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Exceptional Beasts offers workshops and courses to school and businesses that are challenging, enlightening and tailored to your needs.

Our courses range from a 2-hour improv class that's perfect for groups of up to 30 - teaching teamwork and problem solving and guaranteeing a hilarious time; up to a week-long immersive creative writing experience that digs deep on creative habits and will give your class or team a challenge they will never forget.

Get in touch and let us know what you need.



We've worked with some amazing schools to create art installations and more.

If your school or business would like to bring Exceptional Beasts in to teach storytelling, improv or other creative disciplines, you might want to think about a focus point you'd like us to build towards. We can run workshops just for the sake of practise and learning, or we can work with your class or team to make something with a lasting impact. In the past we've helped design memorial sculptures, books and treasure hunts for our amazing creative partners,

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Pennard Primary School on the Gower wanted a project that make use of and added connections to their local history, including the stark ruins of the Pennard Castle, an architectural relic of the time of lords and serfs, right on their doorstep.

With the class directing our story, we explored the themes of hierarchy and political power that were thick in the air at the time of the project (Spring 2017) and used this to create The Pennard Throne, a new contribution to the architecture of the village and a permanent memorial of this time.

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The historic Cardiff Royal Infirmary hospital set us the task of creating a community outreach programme that would explore the complex legacy of its gothic buildings in a fun and accessible way. 

Working with a class from the adjacent Tredegarville Church in Wales Primary School we explored stories though the places they affect and the characters that drive them, tasking the class to write about characters that both cause and solve societal issues in their worlds. 

To read the resulting collection of tales about health, wealth and politics click the link below.

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