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6 weeks of non-stop adventure!

Exceptional Beasts is excited to announce the RPG Summer School 2022. 

What is it?

A course of roleplaying games, arts and crafts and storytelling centred around characters you create! All summer long!

All the players will be guided in a beginner course in how to play tabletop roleplaying games - like Dungeons & Dragons.

You can order 6 to 12 sessions depending of if you want to play once every week or more!

Who can join?

We take adventurers from ages 8-14! You can sign up alone and meet other brave players when you arrive, or you can join with a group of friends and hunt monsters together.

All our activities are beginner friendly, so you don't need any special skills or expensive materials when you arrive.

When/where does the adventure take place?

The first game will take place on Tuesday 26th July at 12pm at Geek Retreat Cardiff. Games are held every Tuesday and Thursday through until the end of August.

If it's a school, what will we learn?

Playing RPGs is a great way to pick up some skills while having fun. Among the benefits we'll be exploring are:

  • Storytelling and creative thinking

  • Confidence and speaking fluency

  • Teamwork

  • Quick addition, subtraction and statistics

  • Creative Writing

  • Art and Illustration

I'm a parent, what should I know?

All our events are staffed by expert and caring gamemasters with a background in education. All gamemasters are DBS checked and certified to work with children.

Parents can choose to stay and observe the games and adventures if they wish.

How much does it cost?

For a 6-session course the cost is £72, with additional games (up to a maximum of 12) charged at £10 each.

This includes:

  • A 4 hour session (with a half-hour lunch break).

  • A healthy lunch provided by Geek Retreat Cardiff.

  • All arts and crafts supplies.

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