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Experience Good Society at

A Victorian Role-play Christmas Ball

Friday 15th December

The greatest families and most eligible bachelors of Victorian society are gathering in the gothic halls of Craig-y-Nos Castle to celebrate the midwinter with fine dining and even-finer gossip. Your household may have earned itself an exclusive invitation. No-one attends events as luxurious as this without an agenda, will your family seize the opportunity to rise to the cream of the gentry, or will your good name be forever tarnished by your indelicate behaviour?

What is Good Society?

Good Society is a Roleplaying Game, where you take on the mannerisms and maladjustments of the Victorian Gentry. Designed by Alex Robinson and Hayley Gordon for small groups of players to tell stories in the style of Jane Austin and the Brontë sisters, Exceptional Beasts has adapted the ruleset to create a full-scale Victorian ball, with you  as the esteemed invitees! 

You will be given a unique character, perhaps a dashing young bachelor in need of a wife, or a powerful countess determined to hold her family together. Your group are a family, and your place in Good Society is dictated by you behaving according to the rules of that society. 

What is Included?

Every participant will receive a character pack, that gives them some talents and objectives to guide their actions over the evening. Your group will all get a shared family history that binds you to each other, but just because you are a member of a family doesn't mean you all want the same things! 

Each family will contain 5-8 players, and you can book as a group if you want to work together with your friends! Smaller groups and individuals will be combined into existing families, so everyone will have at least a few faces they know they can count on.

You also get a full, multi-course fine-dining experience and Bed & Breakfast at the Craig-y-Nos Castle hotel,
formerly the gothic retreat of the legendary opera singer Adelina Patti.

How do I Book?

Reserve your space by following the link below and booking your night's stay at the Craig-y-Nos Castle Hotel. 


Can I attend the party without playing the game?

Good Society is an immersive roleplaying game, so everyone attending should have a character and a role within the event. For this reason, if you are attending, you are a part of the game!
What is the largest group booking i can make?
You can book as many spaces as there are left! Group bookings larger than 8 might get split into multiple families though, so you won't all be sitting at the 

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