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Wanderhome @Geek Retreat

Gather around the table and join a cosy, melancholy adventure.

  • Geek Retreat Cardiff

Join the Adventure!

Exceptional Beasts is delighted to be bringing Jay Dragon's award-winning RPG Wanderhome to Geek Retreat. For all of you adventurers who wish to stop and smell the loam in spring, pay homage to the spirits and marvel at a your fantasy world without having to fight a goblin for the privilege. Whether you choose to play a Fool, a Poet, a Vagabond or a Veteran, your power will come from the details you notice, the kindnesses you extend and the memories you make, not from the swing of a sword. Put the days of the season and the miles of the road behind you in a softer kind of roleplaying game. Each adventure is it's own vignette, but our world may grow and change from game to game. Presented as part of Geek Retreat Cardiff's LGBT gaming night - All participants get a free drink with entry.

Upcoming Sessions

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