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Thirsty Sword Lesbians @Geek Retreat

A fantasy LGBTQIA+ extravaganza supported by the Queer Fringe Fest.

  • 3 hours
  • Geek Retreat Cardiff

Join the Adventure!

After much demand, Evil Hat Productions' Nebula Award nominated science-fantasy RPG of flirting and fighting is returning to Geek Retreat. Decide whether your sword-wielding lesbian is a Scoundrel, a Spooky Witch or one of a host of other playbooks as you step into a mad multiverse of spaceships, swashbuckling and sinister heteronormative plots. The adventure will change every week, but your character will change grow and earn experience every time you clash with our cast of outrageous villains and NPCs. Will you strike them down with the point of your sword, or at the last moment decide they are just to hot to die! Presented as part of Geek Retreat Cardiff's LGBT gaming night - All participants get a free drink with entry.

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