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The Princess Must Die @Geek Retreat

A tabletop campaign challenge like no other.

  • Started 28 Apr
  • Geek Retreat Cardiff

Join the Adventure!

"On the eve of her christening, the priest Cu' Kinneaus cursed the crown princess for all her days, that when she may lock eyes her one true love, she will bring forth the ruin of the realm and the age of the dungeon-kept gods. Sequestered away, she has been - her family determined to cherish her and keep secret the deadly risk she poses. I ask of you, should we who know this secret, and the people of the realm, risk our very existence for her sake? On this, the eve of the seventeenth anniversary of her birth, end her life, that we may all be spared!" Join Exceptional Beasts for this short campaign and take on an assassination attempt for the ages. Will you do what must be done, or will your nerves and skills fail you, and bring about the ruin of the realm? Designed for level-7 characters, this short campaign will run for four weeks and cover barely as many in-fiction hours. Utilise your resources to storm the fortified castle before time runs out. The game makes use of the premium Exceptional Beasts Gaming Table and is capped at a maximum of 4 players - for the best possible player experience. Each game includes a free drink courtesy of Geek Retreat Cardiff. GM's NOTE: This game is focused on combat and is designed for players seeking a challenge. It is recommended that players have experience with Pathfinder 2nd Edition or be veterans of high-level D&D 5th Edition games - the game will be run with Pathfinder 2e. A short "Session-0" is included in the set at no cost, but this is not intended to be a character creation tutorial. Players seeking a beginner friendly experience should consider coming one of our Drop-in RPG taster nights.

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