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Mall of Cthulhu @ Geek Retreat

Work yourself to death at a summer mall job in this horror RPG mini-campaign.

  • Starts 3 Jun
  • Geek Retreat Cardiff

Available spots

Join the Adventure!

Exceptional Beasts is thrilled to be bringing horror TTRPG Call of Cthulu to Geek Retreat Cardiff. It's the summer of 1993 and the youths of Twin Falls have one activity on their mind - working at the local mall. Whether you're a highschooler earning some pocket money between school years, or a college student coming home for the summer, the Magic Valley mall is the place to be for anyone who knows what's what. That said, word travels fast in a small town, and some claim that something darker lurks beneath this unsuspecting malls surface. Will you uncover the truth? Or die trying? This game is open to both new and experienced Call of Chuthulu players. The campaign will have an in depth "Session 0" where we cover rules and character creation, along with 3 actual play gaming sessions. Each game includes a free drink provided by Geek Retreat Cardiff. Disclaimer: As this is a horror centric game, dark and sensitive topics will be present during gameplay. With that said, RPG safeguarding tools will be used to ensure the comfort of players and avoid possible triggering topics.

Upcoming Sessions

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