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Delta Mail Blues

Run your own Post Office into the ground in this RPG Campaign

  • Starts 31 May
  • Geek Retreat Cardiff

Join the Adventure!

The old shack sits at a fork in the river, tangled in draping vines and listing dangerously into the swamp. "Here she is. Your home away from home for the next year." the commissioner remarks cheerfully as you disembark the pontoon. A piece of roof falls off the side of the building in concurrence. A rusty punt floats in the boathouse. "This isn't the most profitable postcode, that's for sure. But folks round here need mail just like anyone else." Before your objections can manifest, he throws the outboard into reverse and kicks off into the middle of the lazy, brown riverway, leaving you to your... *ahem*... post. Exceptional Beasts is proud to be hosting epic adventures at Geek Retreat Cardiff with the Pathfinder game system. Create a unique character and dive into a rich world shaped by your decisions. Take ownership of your post office, upgrade it and develop it with the help of the denizens of the Cicollade, a vast and mysterious river delta full of adventure. This is a campaign game hosted at Geek Retreat Cardiff. Your booking fee secures your place for 6 games. An additional cost of £6 is paid to Geek Retreat at the door for each game - a free drink is included..

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